Our Walk

A good place to start is at the beginning. 2 years ago, my husband and I sold all of our possessions (TV’s, gaming consoles, appliances, clothing… everything) and moved from a very comfortable house, to a very small tent. We lived in a tent in the wilderness for 2 months. At this time, we were not seeking God, we were seeking an escape from the life that the world gets people tied up in. We wanted to live simple. We built a small ‘shabbin’ to live in for the winter, and are still living in it today. It is a 12×16 home that is occupied by us and our two dogs: a big, hairy German Shepherd, and a mini dachshund. I wouldn’t change it for anything. Humbleness is a very wonderful feeling. Living in such close quarters really lets you bond with and become deeply seeded in the one you love most in this world.

Gathering information has always been a thing in my life. Living without water and electricity makes for a lot of time to acquire a lot of information. Growing up, I learned many religions (or practices) from many cultures: Buddhism, Taoism, Spirituality, Hinduism, Islam, naturalism… just to name a few. Then, one day, my husband out of the blue says ‘Let’s read the Bible.’ Just like that. Words I never imagined would come out of his mouth. Never, have I ever, come across anything that shook me to the core, and has had such a positive impact on my life like Jesus Christ, and God Almighty. We have been learning together and reading every day since. We have visited a few churches, but find that researching and learning together is easier to understand than singing from a screen, and hearing a preacher preach from a cellphone at the altar. I’m talking about a real, personal, constantly learning relationship with God. I want to have all the morals that the Bible teaches. I want to strive to be like Jesus Christ… He is the example that everyone should follow: Compassionate, intelligent, non-judgmental, always the same, slow to anger, and quick to understand.

What a burden that has been taken from my life upon following Jesus. If everyone could just strive to be like Him. To walk like Jesus. It is so profound. He can change your whole life. One day we will be walking, physically walking. We want to touch lives of those who may not know Him. We have started the journey of our lives. We pray for the day to come when we can leave it all behind, and walk like Jesus walked.

And Jesus said to him, “Foxes have holes and birds of the air have nests, but the Son of Man has no where to lay His head.” Luke 9:58


3 thoughts on “Our Walk

  1. Awesome story! May you two continue to grow in God. I’ve read some of your blog posts and I think something you may also want to share with your readers is how the day-to-day living goes without water/electricity, relying on God’s love. Be well, sister.


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    1. Thank you so much 🙂 You have encouraged me to share more of my story on this blog. However, if you read in my post Our Walk Continued, you will see that we ended up acquiring electricity 2 years after we made our move. I will write some blogs going back to the beginning of our journey to Christ, our tent-living days, and our years of living without and with electricity. Thank you for you kind words and inspiration dear sister. Much Love sent soaring your way! Look for your inspired blogs soon to come!


  2. I love stories like yours. I’m a strong believer in the simplicity of Christ and that our modern church has just become a complicated machine lacking real heart. I think I’ve been on a journey similar to yours, but in a different way. I’ll be reading more.

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