Jesus, Marijuana, Occultism 2 (Redemption Part 3)

Jesus, Marijuana, and Occultism (Redemption Part 3)

Things started getting weird with the group after our marriage. My husband, on multiple occasions, would make mention to me about how what they were telling us wasn’t right. I wanted to help them though. I felt like us being around them, and talking more about the gospel would change them. I also was very close to all the children. I love them so much. Everyone in the group had children except us. One guy had a small baby. He was no longer married and the baby was in his custody. The other family had a little boy and a little girl. Military Man had two young daughters, and his wife was supposedly pregnant. I’ve always had a very motherly nature, and I felt so close to these children. I shutter to think of the things that those babies were being exposed to when we were around, and especially when we were not around. They were very disciplined. Sometimes at the bible studies, the parents would make the children sit on the floor in front of them, and just stare at them without moving or saying a word until the study was over. If they so much as moved, the stepmom would take out a wooden spoon and threaten them. It truly broke my heart, but I didn’t know what to do because I never saw physical abuse. All I could do was show them love whenever I got a chance to.

The group of us started watching different documentaries on symbols and the end times after we were baptized. We were told to burn all of our possessions that had symbols on them because they were, supposedly, possessed. We were invited to a ‘possession burning party’. That was a very strange night. We went to Military Man’s house, and they had a big pit dug out with personal belongings all around it. They threw in their belongings and lit it up. The wife was talking about hearing and smelling demons as the material items burned. The children weren’t far away on the porch, coloring with their backs to us, facing the house.  I was talking about Jesus being Love and how when He is around nothing can harm us because I really felt like what we were doing was insane. There was just so much that was going on, but we felt like we needed to help our brothers and sisters with what they were going through. I now know that feelings are easily manipulated, and God works through more than just feelings.  God is truth, and His word is truth. Man is truly deceitful.

We went to Military Man’s house one day, and his wife asked me if I wanted a bag of dog food for our dogs. I looked at her confused because she had a small dog that I thought needed the food. One of Military Man’s daughters came up to me, and said “Daddy killed the dog. He took him out back last night and shot him.” She was quickly reprimanded for telling me this shocking news. I later found out that he had been keeping the dog locked in a cage for 8 hours under a bed while his wife was at work. He didn’t work. My husband and I were disgusted. My husband later told me that he had seen one of the other guys pick up a kitten and slowly squeeze its neck. My husband yelled at the guy for doing that, and the guy just let the kitten go and laughed it off like nothing had happened. We left their house shortly after. Military Man and his wife came to our house a few days later. The wife said that she was almost killed the night before by Military Man because he blacked out and started pushing her around and choking her. I felt desperate to help her. Military Man was listening as she was telling us this, and just kind of smiling and nodding his head in acknowledgment. It was strange, but we cried together about it. We prayed about it. We talked about anger issues. Again, it was a strange occurrence.

We would go to their house several nights during the week and cook together for the whole group. I really enjoyed this time because I would always invite the young girls into the kitchen to teach them how to cook. The stepmom (Military Man’s wife) did not like this at all, but I did it anyway. She would quickly lose patience with the children. I remember making chicken fingers one night, and I was piling them on a plate. One of the chicken fingers fell off the plate, and the wife exclaimed, “Oh my! That chicken finger just jumped off the plate!” I said, it was just piled up too high and it fell off. She quickly said, exaggeratedly, “No, I watched it jump off the plate.” She was telling everyone in the house about it. This statement and other statements she had been making made me really question her lying habits. After the food was ready, Military Man said an hour-long prayer, and dinner was served cold.

One night, not long after this incident, we were having bible study at their house again. We were all immersed in the word. My husband and I had brought along the old man that had called us ‘the remnant’. We were having a wonderful discussion when Military Man interrupted us and said, “You are all so insensitive. Can’t you see my wife is beside herself. She is over there terrified and crying her eyes out because there is a 400 foot demon outside of our door.” We all decided to get up and pray for the wife, and while doing so I told her she needed to be baptized (she was the only one in the group that did not get baptized on our baptism day, saying that she was baptized by Military Man at their home in the shower and an angel had visited her afterward), and that this wouldn’t happen if she believed in Jesus. She just gave me a cold look. We all went home, the old man wondering what in the heck that was all about during the ride back. My husband and I, of course, had a long discussion about this event when we got back home.

Two days later, Military Man sent out a group text that we all needed to attend a new church together. How we were to be the buyers and not the sellers, the lenders and not the borrowers, the head and not the tail. This was on my husband’s birthday, a little over a month after being baptized. My husband responded to the text because he was reading Isaiah chapter 9 verse 14-16 at the time of the text. My husband responded to the text with this verse “Therefore the Lord will cut off from Israel head and tail, branch and rush, in one day. The ancient and honorable (Military Man) he is the head; and the prophet that teacheth lies (‘Cat Strangler’, also Military Man’s self-proclaimed mouthpiece) he is the tail for the leaders of this people cause them to err, and they that are lead of them are destroyed.” Military Man responded that my husband had no idea what he was talking about. A few days later, Military Man texted and said there needed to be a meeting at his house because there needed to be a deliverance for one of us is possessed. He said in this meeting we would discuss demonology more in depth as well. My husband then replied that he did not think that we should be involved in such things, and that we would no longer have anything to do with the group because it is not of God. My husband responded that he thought Military Man’s wife was the only one with a demon. Military Man told us to ‘cease and desist’ and after that we no longer hung around any of the group again. It was a very emotional time for us, but departure from the group was the best thing that could have happened. The wife never had a baby, and their children were eventually taken from them.

Dear readers, the journey was a lot deeper, crazier, and more fueled then I can explain by writing a semi-short blog, but this was the just of it. It would take a whole book to get it all out there in more detail. It was easy for us to fall prey to man’s teachings when we were new in Christ. We desired so much to know Jesus, and the group was the first place we went to learn more about him. We have learned so much through the revelations of Jesus since then over these past 3 years. We have grown and matured so much since then as well, but we realize that the journey with the Holy Spirit lasts past our lifetime, and we will never know everything there is to know. He is constantly teaching us and molding us in His image. Next time, I will be writing about confession vs. repentance, and how we, finally, freed ourselves from smoking marijuana. We will also be venturing into the church building trying to connect with more of God’s people in the future. I’ll let you know how that goes. Until then, so much Love sent your way!


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