Question for Believers

My soapbox.  This is a thing that eats at me almost daily because I just do not understand it. You know the feeling when a lump comes into your throat and your heart races. This is what I feel when I think about this subject.  I’ve posted about it before, but I feel compelled again today to try and get some responses from believers in Jesus, our Lord. Please, help me to understand. The answer I recieve is lukewarmness, but I want to hear answers from the mouth (typing) of other believers. There are so many on WordPress. Please, just help me to understand your justification or your disdain with the following:
I haven’t had television for four years now. First, I did away with it due to an urge to rid myself of consumerism (no belief in Christ, yet). Now, I would not have it if someone gave it to me (3 years of believing and knowing Him).  However,  I do see what is on the television when I visit my parent’s home every morning before I head to work. It cannot be ignored. If the programs aren’t elicit, the commercials certainly are. This morning I spotted a TV Guide magazine on the end table with the headline of “TV’s Sexiest Couples”. I’m not going to describe the things I see – if you have a television provider you should already know what is on there. You simply cannot ignore it. 

These programs and commercials embed lewd advertisements and ideas into your mind which seep into your heart which you cannot comprehend. These ideas create common ground for groups of people who view them to have something in common, to have something to talk about. To feel socially accepted and a part of a whole. I feel like these programs slowly eat away at the uniqueness of a person. Slowly, without even knowing it, people become what they see and hear. The things on the teley are not good. Period. They are dark. From the 6 o’clock News to children’s programming. 

“The eye is the lamp of the body. So, if your eye is healthy, your whole body will be full of light, but if your eye is bad, your whole body will be full of darkness. If then the light in you is darkness, how great is the darkness!”

People look forward to their favorite programs days, weeks, months, even years in advance. It is worship whether you believe it to be true or not. How can you think about God when you are tuned in to your programs? Be honest. Aren’t we to pray unceasingly? Ugh, it just baffles me. I still have my burdens, too. I’m just thankful the TV is not one of them. How can a believer justify paying money into that system which corrupts so many people? Again, please help me to understand.

“All things are lawful for me, but all things are not expedient: all things are lawful for me, but all things edify not.”


10 thoughts on “Question for Believers

  1. Truthfully, we need to guard our hearts diligently. We are in a world where there is so much corruption lurking at about every corner. The basic things that we may require, including information can be mingled up with the profane. It is left to us to rely on God’s Spirit to help us get what we need and not be harmed by the poison.

    Workplace is not always safe. The sort of conversations and activities that you may hear and observe may even get you thinking of quitting. But this is the world as Jesus lived in it. We must learn to walk righteously in this crooked and sinful world.

    By all means, we should avoid programs or anything else that instigates ungodly tendencies. I believe the pattern of the Kingdom is “from the inward out”. When the inside of the cup is clean, the outside will be clean as well.

    More of Lord Jesus to you.

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    1. Thank you so much for your refreshing comment :). I am very blessed to work alone at a post office, and also at home with my parents who are a part of God’s Kingdom. It’s one of the many things I am so thankful for. Unfortunately, my husband works with a large group of reprobate people, but fortunately, he is able to wield his sword of Truth and stand firm in what he believes… Some days he wants to quit, but he gets reminded that he is there for a purpose.

      Yes, I agree that inward purity is reflected outwardly. I just get a little disheartened knowing so many believers fall into the snares of the world through television programs and social media. Even an innocent walk through a checkout isle holds poisons at eye levels to children. I suppose what I am saying is that I pray more and more believers would stop contributing to the ungodliness of such things. The wisdom of God comes down onto us directly from the Father – we do not have to search it out through yucky television programs, filthy magazines, or world-stained social media sites.

      The eye has no filter, Jesus says if it deceives you to pluck it out. For me, my mind will recall things that I do not give it permission to, but with the word of God written on my heart, I am able to stifle such things. Images are a big deal to me, maybe they aren’t to other people, but what I see, I retain. Maybe this is my own battle? I do not know, but I know I fight it, and I also do not feed it with such things as television programs, stained websites (even where there may be pearls mixed in with the filth), or even impure radio broadcasting. I do not want the unimaginable to be known to me because of those things. I will continue to seek God through Jesus for wisdom and insight on what I should know, and how I should act, and even how I should dress and talk. It seems everyone is losing uniqueness and becoming like all they see and hear. People want so very much to fit in. But believers need to be different, they need to stand on the outside and simply observe, see and hear. May God equip them to conquer the things that are not of Him. He is only Good, not good mixed in with evil.

      Again, thank you so much, and God bless you. I do enjoy reading your blogs :). – Much Love!

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      1. Dear Friend, it is a painful thing for any believer to become seduced and drawn to evil. No true believer wants to see another fall to the schemes of the wicked one.

        I am happy for you that you find yourself comfortably alone at your place of work and that you have Godly parents at home too.

        At my previous workplace, I was surrounded by Godly coworkers. It felt like everyone was hand picked with the filter of the love of God.

        This is very different at my present place of work. It turns out to be the most tempting of all places I have been. Any kind of temptation can be found there. Temptation comes seeking you. I struggled with the system for a number of months. The most shocking part of it all is that most of the workers consider themselves followers of Jesus Christ the Lord.

        While at work today, I still had to battle with overcoming ungodly discussions brought straight at me. I continue to seek to submit myself to Lord Jesus so that He can live through me more everyday. If one is not careful, he could easily slip and fall into thinking, speaking and acting like unlike Christ.

        I consider this workplace a challenge by which God is working in me and making me into the likeness of His Son. I would not have known how to stand my ground in Christ in certain areas of life if I had not been in a setting of this sort.

        God has a way of preparing each of us for the task He has for us. For some, this may mean regular interface with evil. But the pattern remains the same: “do not be overcome with evil but over evil with good” (Romans 12:21).

        Didn’t know that you read my blog. It will always be nice to have you around. I receive the Love.

        More of Lord Jesus to you.


      2. Oh, I feel your struggle because I live in it daily through my husband because of his workplace. He is going through a very similar situation in which a handful of his co-workers claim Christ, but are not effectual doers of Christ’s teachings. He feels the spiritual battles as well. He feels the temptations as well. I pray you have someone you can confide in about these things. You may discuss them with me if you feel the need. We all need someone to hear us out at times. It is hard sometimes to bare the burden with my husband, but I know that ultimately we are to give the burden to Jesus, and continue walking His high way.
        Everyday we learn something new about our journey with Christ. I’m happy that you are able to find blessings in your battles even when the blessings are not so apparent.. Your comment truly touched me in a sense of ‘I feel what is happening to you.’ Stay strong and stand firm in your faith which I know you are capable, as is any true believer is. Much Love sent from me to you in this day and the days that may come. My name is Amanda by the way. I’m glad to chat with you :).

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      3. You have responded kindly Dear Amanda. Truly, sometimes we all do need someone to talk to about the struggles we face. I am no exception to this. Thanks for offering your attention. I really appreciate that and we can begin to build a friendship from this point on.

        I receive the love again Dear Amanda. Such encouraging words indeed. I am glad to have met you too. I am popularly known by my middle name: Luminous.

        More of Lord Jesus to you.


  2. Where were you two during my 50 years of working? Wow, do I know how you feel. I only recently retired, and it has been such a blessing to get away from the filth and choose my own ways of still reaching out to the world. It is amazing how so many “Americans” think they are Christians and yet party with the world as if there is no difference. I think it is part of the American way of thinking. Not sure how we got this way, but it’s not good. As for the TV, I know for a lot of us it became an “addiction”. It does war against our soul. I finally learned I had to fill my time with other things in order to keep the TV within certain acceptable boundaries. Too much idle time on hands made it impossible to break the addiction. Little by little I weened myself by replacing the rot with God’s good things.It’s been a wonderful journey. But so many people never take action on what they know is right. I think the Holy Spirit in us will not let us rest until we fight those addictions, one by one, as he reveals. I’m so glad to have found your site. I’m preparing a teepee in the country. Started last summer. It’s been great.

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    1. Very well said. I’m glad I found your blog, too!
      So many forms of media today have people controlled, and they do not even realize it. That’s just my opinion, but I see it whenever I am having a conversation with people. The subject is usually going to be about whatever so-and-so news station is spinning, or some television show I’ve never seen. I would just love to hear people’s original thoughts sometimes. I really enjoy authentic and original. It’s refreshing.
      The holy spirit definitely urges us into the right direction. God bless and much love to you.


    2. I meant to ask you about your tepee, but I had to cut my repay short due to bad weather yesterday. Are you living in your tepee or what are your plans for it? That’s pretty awesome that you are building one! I think we could have learned a lot from ‘native Americans’. Its such a shame the genocide that happened to them. Sometimes I feel like they will be like unicorns or mythology – people will think they never even existed.


      1. You may be right about the Indians, altho they seem to fit well with the New Agers, so if that faith ever takes over, they will be in the spot light again, not a good spot light tho. As for my teepee > It all started with me needing to spend more time with my ageing parents who live on a small farm. So I wanted to do something special while out there. I’m not sure how I thought of the teepee, other than God. It’s all wood. 22 ft. tall. 24 ft. across on inside. I have several pictures in the blogsite if you explore the menu bar. I have 7 grandchildren and wanted to do something with them too. Next thing I knew, I became Grandpa White Feather, or Chief White Feather. (LOL) Its been great fun. But there is much work to still go on teepee. More pictures of progress will come this spring. I don’t live in it. At least not yet. I want to create what I call a “Turtle Garden”. A place to SLOW DOWN and HEAR GOD. A spiritual retreat.

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