Protecting your Innocence

Because I do not have social media they may think I have something to hide – and they are right, I do.

I hide my innocence, I protect it like they protect gold. I will stand firm in my convections – I thank Jesus for making me so bold. Innocence lost can barely be regained, if even so. Take care what you hear and see because you will become such things.

Protect your innocence.

Social media is out to get us, an experiment.

Have unity through Christ, bring back true connection instead of hitting a ‘like’ button or sending an instant message. They portray these outlets as good, even believers are deceived. They say we can use it as a source to spread the Word, but the source is filled with snares among the wheat. If your light is dim, how great is your darkness? The darkness lurks as pop-up ads and a sense that “everyone does it, surely it can’t be too bad.”

Tread lightly, children, please don’t be deceived. The evil is cunning and easily fools those who believe. 

How about we write, or call, or arrange a meeting? How about we step away from what is misleading? Oh, followers! Oh, sheep! Let’s connect in a way that isn’t fashionable but instead unique. Let us stop feeding the media machine!

It’s winning now though – have eyes to truly see. Believers following the masses right into the grip of disaster. It’s diabolical. It’s huge, it’s temptations unlimited. Whatever the eye sees and the ear hears is now the imaginable, it will not leave you – you have chosen to follow. New words for you to use, new products for you to try, nudity of unknown people now fills your eye. Wanton images for you to eat up, you say you ignore it, but you’ve seen it, that’s enough!

Why would I tell you if it isn’t so? Why pitch a fit back about it if it isn’t so? Give it up. Give it up! Protect what is left of your innocence before it’s too late. 


I have had Instagram – then it became filled with ads. Women in sexual poses, flaunting all their stuff. Even before the ads, I knew it was already bad. I would mainly post pictures of nature or my “tiny” house, but I would so often feel compelled to put my face on there, and when I did I would feel pretty because of all the “likes”. Its garbage. Its debilitating. It is deceiving even if you do not think so. God gives me my worth, not a number of hearts. Truly, I believe these things are maddening. Too many distractions, and its no wonder so many people have “ADHD”. It’s very clear to me. Let it go! 

Somehow, I escaped without ever having a Facebook. I am 30 years old, and definitely was able to get into it at its prime. I thank God I never did. My mom has it, however, and sometimes she will show me things on it. I notice “celebrities” scantly clad. Cleavage everywhere. Products being advertised to sustain youthfulness. Ditch it! It is disgusting – filling your eyes with so much impurity! Filling your mind with useless “news”. 

I do not care how outdated I am. I am a child of God. He is never outdated. He is my guide and He tells me to get rid of it!

Facebook is cancerous. Whatever becomes popular everyone seems to believe. Everyone talks about it. Enough! It is a tool – do not wield it! I never hear people saying they heard this or that good thing on Facebook. It is always fear mongering or fighting for a cause that actually deserves death. 

Help us God! Teach us to connect some other way that isn’t airwaves, the devil’s domain. 


4 thoughts on “Protecting your Innocence

    1. I’m glad you liked this post. It is difficult for me to write sometimes about these things because I do not want people to feel like I am condemning them. I just know that I got caught-up in social media, and I felt very ‘self-ish’ when I did. I just want others to be aware of how it could possibly affect their walk with Christ because He should always come first. We must be careful as believers to not let snares get us, and I believe some people may unintentionally self-glorify without even knowing it. Also, there is just so much filth out there. We cannot filter it. We truly become and remember unimaginable things if that is what we feed they eye all day. God bless, Ish’mael. I look forward to reading your future posts!

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      1. Preach!!! That’s also why I withdrew from social media. It felt like it was always about me, getting this, getting that, looking like this…too much self in it. I just had to step back and focus on the presence


  1. I agree. I have kept away from Facebook too. I was even rather nervous of opening up using a blog, but have decided to be brave and use it for the Lord, as best I can, whilst it is available for us.
    I think the Romans 12:1-2 scripture is relevant, about our minds and our bodies, being Holy for the Lord.
    “I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that you present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable to God, which is your reasonable service. And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.”

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