A Short on Everything.

What if everyone has an identity crisis?

I just found this post as a saved draft from December of 2015. 

 To answer my own question, now September of 2017, I say everyone is in a constant identity crisis even shortly after identifying to, or as, various things… ‘Things’ being numerous nouns that people have created to label themselves or others by.

 There is a constant identity crisis. What a mental and spiritual rollercoaster to ride on. Mental because it is what the person is perceiving as their reality, and the spiritual identity not being felt due to it being covered in such muck it can hardly illuminate.

 The solution? Christ, quite simply. We are all to be as Jesus, and strive to be perfect as God, our Father, is perfect. This is the only real and true identity. 

Do you think it will never be achieved on this earth? Everyone being as Jesus? I believe it is only achievable in Paradise, that is achievable in the sense of the complete mass of souls dwelling there and being Christlike. On this earth we can achieve it as well, if we have faith after receiving grace. Achieving grace once washed from sin, and then faith growing continuously thereafter. 

Are we to be as Jonas and petition to the Lord to not destroy Ninevah or, in our case, the entire world? Is it the same thing? Can you even imagine a president or kings or queens or emperors telling their citizens to repent for their sins, bare sackcloth and lament, weep and wail and turn to God? Could you imagine such a thing?

Does God not turn your prayers into fruit? Even when the answer is “no”, you are able to bare witness to His Word with you, and your faith then blossoms more.

Let Him root your feet in His truth. Be strong and Know. He is the only true identity, and you must identify as that.


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    1. Hi Ish’mael. Thank you for your advice! I’m not too tech savvy though, and I am unsure of how to fix my tagging problem. I do not have a personal computer, a d I am using a tablet device with the Word Press app, and I haven’t been able to figure it out completely. When I have the ability to get on a PC I will surely fix the problem. Thanks again! – Much Love

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