My husband’s beautiful thoughts.

"Little Children, It Is The Last Time"

Greetings brothers and sisters

May the grace, peace, and love of God the Father, and Christ our Lord be with you all who happen to read this. I will pray for you every night to find your salvation if you haven’t done so, and for the ones who have, I pray our spirits are connected.

I have been extensively studying the Scriptures through faithful prayer for the last few weeks learning as much as I can and placing effort to further edify my relationship with God, as well as my knowledge in His Holy Word. I pray that I have pleased the Father in what I have learned. We must diligently search the Scriptures faithfully in prayer, so that we may understand our Father’s will. For His will must always be done.

It is written in the first epistle of John that we are to “try the spirits”. What he…

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