All the world is mad.

"Little Children, It Is The Last Time"

I am going to compose this without really thinking about what Im going to blog about. We will see where this goes.

Greetings to all. Grace, love, and peace from God, the Father, and Christ our Lord. May the blessings and mercies of our Almighty Creator be with you all.

Lately, I have decided to study the Holy Word of God with a more prayerful awareness so that I may fully comprehend the beautiful teachings and merciful wisdom shown throughout the ages by the Holy One of Israel so that we may know how to live our lives according to His will, and how we learn not to lean on our own understanding. For the heart of man is “very deceitful and desperately wicked: who can know it?” (Jeremiah 17:9) 

When we choose to follow our own desires, we as a human race can’t survive this spiritual warfare on…

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