I’d like to bear my Testimony


What ever happened to good, old fashioned, testimonies? My husband bravely ventured to the altar & asked the preacher if he could give his testimony. The preacher politely told him, “we don’t do that here.”. No matter the reason for not allowing the congregation to bear testimony, the only real reason is because they are worried about what the outcome may be. The church should be open for discussion among its congregation, upon its gathering. They should at least leave the altar open after services for those who may want to discuss Christian matters. True Christians can listen, congregate, and discuss without ever getting offended. The bible teaches us that this is so.

Tes.ti.mo.ny : A public declaration regarding a religious experience. Evidence in support of a fact. Proof.

If it weren’t for the testimonies of many of the beloved apostles, we would not know about our Lord. Just as in modern day, if people aren’t reading the bible, how would they really know about God, about Christ? We should be bearing our testimonies of our witnessing of the Lord. I want to hear your testimony. Christians, please spread the good news!

I would like to bear my testimony

And though I have never seen Him, I witness Him around me everyday. Science creates things that have already been created. My God has created everything I see: trees, people, the skies above, the earth at my feet. I am witness to the deepest, most wholesome, sweet freedom that comes from following Jesus Christ, and worshipping the One and only Creator, our Father who is in Heaven. I am no longer an orphan in this world. I am no longer unaware of this world’s dangers. Fear & anxiety have left my mind. Because knowing Jesus is knowing He can do that. Knowing Him is knowing true love. True freedom. Unceasing prayer, and constant reproof is what turned me to His light. But the reproof of my evil was sweetness to my bones, and unceasing prayer let my nights of restless sleep go by quietly. It is beautiful to know His love, and its even more beautiful to give it back to Him.



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