Protecting your Innocence

Because I do not have social media they may think I have something to hide – and they are right, I do.

I hide my innocence, I protect it like they protect gold. I will stand firm in my convections – I thank Jesus for making me so bold. Innocence lost can barely be regained, if even so. Take care what you hear and see because you will become such things.

Protect your innocence.

Social media is out to get us, an experiment.

Have unity through Christ, bring back true connection instead of hitting a ‘like’ button or sending an instant message. They portray these outlets as good, even believers are deceived. They say we can use it as a source to spread the Word, but the source is filled with snares among the wheat. If your light is dim, how great is your darkness? The darkness lurks as pop-up ads and a sense that “everyone does it, surely it can’t be too bad.”

Tread lightly, children, please don’t be deceived. The evil is cunning and easily fools those who believe. 

How about we write, or call, or arrange a meeting? How about we step away from what is misleading? Oh, followers! Oh, sheep! Let’s connect in a way that isn’t fashionable but instead unique. Let us stop feeding the media machine!

It’s winning now though – have eyes to truly see. Believers following the masses right into the grip of disaster. It’s diabolical. It’s huge, it’s temptations unlimited. Whatever the eye sees and the ear hears is now the imaginable, it will not leave you – you have chosen to follow. New words for you to use, new products for you to try, nudity of unknown people now fills your eye. Wanton images for you to eat up, you say you ignore it, but you’ve seen it, that’s enough!

Why would I tell you if it isn’t so? Why pitch a fit back about it if it isn’t so? Give it up. Give it up! Protect what is left of your innocence before it’s too late. 


I have had Instagram – then it became filled with ads. Women in sexual poses, flaunting all their stuff. Even before the ads, I knew it was already bad. I would mainly post pictures of nature or my “tiny” house, but I would so often feel compelled to put my face on there, and when I did I would feel pretty because of all the “likes”. Its garbage. Its debilitating. It is deceiving even if you do not think so. God gives me my worth, not a number of hearts. Truly, I believe these things are maddening. Too many distractions, and its no wonder so many people have “ADHD”. It’s very clear to me. Let it go! 

Somehow, I escaped without ever having a Facebook. I am 30 years old, and definitely was able to get into it at its prime. I thank God I never did. My mom has it, however, and sometimes she will show me things on it. I notice “celebrities” scantly clad. Cleavage everywhere. Products being advertised to sustain youthfulness. Ditch it! It is disgusting – filling your eyes with so much impurity! Filling your mind with useless “news”. 

I do not care how outdated I am. I am a child of God. He is never outdated. He is my guide and He tells me to get rid of it!

Facebook is cancerous. Whatever becomes popular everyone seems to believe. Everyone talks about it. Enough! It is a tool – do not wield it! I never hear people saying they heard this or that good thing on Facebook. It is always fear mongering or fighting for a cause that actually deserves death. 

Help us God! Teach us to connect some other way that isn’t airwaves, the devil’s domain. 


A Short on Everything.

What if everyone has an identity crisis?

I just found this post as a saved draft from December of 2015. 

 To answer my own question, now September of 2017, I say everyone is in a constant identity crisis even shortly after identifying to, or as, various things… ‘Things’ being numerous nouns that people have created to label themselves or others by.

 There is a constant identity crisis. What a mental and spiritual rollercoaster to ride on. Mental because it is what the person is perceiving as their reality, and the spiritual identity not being felt due to it being covered in such muck it can hardly illuminate.

 The solution? Christ, quite simply. We are all to be as Jesus, and strive to be perfect as God, our Father, is perfect. This is the only real and true identity. 

Do you think it will never be achieved on this earth? Everyone being as Jesus? I believe it is only achievable in Paradise, that is achievable in the sense of the complete mass of souls dwelling there and being Christlike. On this earth we can achieve it as well, if we have faith after receiving grace. Achieving grace once washed from sin, and then faith growing continuously thereafter. 

Are we to be as Jonas and petition to the Lord to not destroy Ninevah or, in our case, the entire world? Is it the same thing? Can you even imagine a president or kings or queens or emperors telling their citizens to repent for their sins, bare sackcloth and lament, weep and wail and turn to God? Could you imagine such a thing?

Does God not turn your prayers into fruit? Even when the answer is “no”, you are able to bare witness to His Word with you, and your faith then blossoms more.

Let Him root your feet in His truth. Be strong and Know. He is the only true identity, and you must identify as that.

God is jealous for the Spirit inside of us..

Do you not know that you are a temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwells in you? – 1 Cor 3:16

Our bodies were created for many varying reasons, but I believe the most important of reasons is to be a Holy place on this earth for God to dwell in. Is that not amazing? God wants to put His spirit within us! 

If God is absent from dwelling within us (due to lack of faith, sin, non-belief) then we are instead now a temple for whatever else that wishes to dwell instead. If it is not God then it is not good. If it is not good then we are essentially evil. C.S. Lewis says we are not merely mortals. We are either divine beings of light, or we are disgusting works of evil. Nothing between, see. 

I believe God’s throne is our heart. Man cannot know his own heart because it is deceitful. Only by God residing within us do we do His will. Most people are not even aware that they have replaced God’s throne inside of His temple with an evil muck that dwells instead. People are typically unaware because they lean on their own understanding, and truly believe that they are good people. Man, however, has a loosed moral code that changes throughout their years. God’s moral code is just and everlasting – there is NO fault in it. 

To think of how great (in terms of menace and power) an antichrist would be if a person thought the Holy Spirit of God to dwell inside of them, but in actuallity it is a sinister being sitting upright on that coveted throne. We can never be too careful with our walk with Jesus. We can never know everything the Lord commands or of all His knowledge and wisdom. For one to think themself fully learned is a great folly. Humbleness and humility before the Lord are the recipe for good fruit.

Man is too easily deceived by his own lusts and varying ideas. That is why an antichrist (and the most dreadful at that) whom believes in the Lord, yet walks his own path continually is, in my opinion, the most dangerous. He is equipped with the Word, but he is doing his own will and walking in his own false uprightness. 

So – there are multitudes of antichrists today; people who believe, but choose their own path for believing, and allowing something other than God to sit in the throne of their hearts. 

I believe there to be only one son of perdition. One that will herald the coming of the Great Power. This one will convince many that his ways are the ways to follow his extensive knowledge of the Word, and public displays of what seems and is deemed to be good by people – he will lead so many into becoming an army of the sinister. He may even do it with good intentions – albeit his own good intentions.

Christmas (X Mas) /More/

Jesus is the only superhero there ever was. Little children, be ye Jesus.

Be ye unstained of the world. Parents, you’ve had these elemental things that you now ‘gift’ our children. We know where these elemental things lead. The joy of children is fickle and fleeting because of elemental things. We teach them to want more. These material things stained us just as they now stain our children.

No more worldly gifts.

Are our children the King? Are we not treating them as kings by gifting them our materials just as the wise men gifted The King with incense and gold?

Unbind your children! You are afflicting them with your worldly stains. Give them continuous joy that is Jesus whom they will receive through the Holy Spirit. Teach them the Spirit is real. The Spirit is the greatest gift. Gift your children with the Bread. The gift that will never be broken, will never grow weary. You know His name.

No more material gifts which binds up the Spirit in the body of the child and keeps him from coming forth.

You, parents, love your children. You do not want to harm your children. The material world is the greatest harm you can do to your children. Teaching them things that are unimaginable. Teaching them things when we are not.

Yes, the TV stains children.
Yes, the internet stains children.
Yes, video games stain children.
Yes, vanity stains children.

Is it not Satan that causes us to desire the things that we want?
But the Spirit wars against these desires when we say we want the Spirit. Give your children Jesus today, tomorrow, for Christmas. Gift them bread. The bread of life.

If you do not know how then it is not in your hearts. Parents, it is time to pray for a renewed spirit so you may show your children, through you being the vessel for the Holy Spirit which is Christ, that the Spirit moves through you and gives you the greatest joy. Then they will desire the Spirit because your children mimic you. They will want and love the Spirit just as you do.

The time is now


If Jesus came to your door today, would you need to burn a few things so that He would not have to look upon them? Would you be excited to have your best friends come over to be with Christ and praise God? Or, would you be ashamed? Be ashamed now! Change your ways, parents. Truly love your children by teaching them the way that they should go.

— anno Domini

Times they are a Changin’

Baby boomers are people born during the demographic Post–World War II baby boom between the years 1946 and 1964. Baby boomers is also a term that can be used culturally.
Baby boomers are associated with a rejection or redefinition of traditional values; however, many commentators have disputed the extent of that rejection, noting the widespread continuity of values with older and younger generations. In Europe and North America boomers are widely associated with privilege, as many grew up in a time of widespread government subsidies in post-war housing and education, and increasing affluence.
As a group, they were the wealthiest, most active, and most physically fit generation up to that time, and amongst the first to grow up genuinely expecting the world to improve with time. They were also the generation that received peak levels of income; therefore, they could reap the benefits of abundant levels of food, apparel, retirement programs, and sometimes even “midlife crisis” products. The increased consumerism for this generation has been regularly criticized as excessive.

This article comes via Wikipedia search for the phrase “baby boomer”. I was interested in this because my parents are from that generation. The generation that actually made up the label ‘generation’. And today I was pondering that generation of people. The generation of people that have taught us consumerism, bulk, excess, & their definition of wealth. The generation ‘baby boom’ people who are currently running our country. Defining & influencing all other generations that they have passed through.

The baby boom has been described variously as a “shockwave” and as “the pig in the python.”

All of that is a bit to ponder on. It has dramatic undertones and serious implications, and if we would stop and observe all that is cluttered in the world around us we would begin to understand.

My dad, who was born in ’54, says he has seen it all in this country. He says he has lived through the best times, and he is now living through the worst times. Times today that are being driven toward the future by more of that booming generation’s influence. This influence has caused, among other things: labeling, mutilation of the freedom of speech, redefinition of traditional values (values that have kept this country together for over 200 years), the insane notion that the government really has our best interests at heart, obesity, radical redirection of values, complete with outbursts of:  ‘I want what I want. I want more and I want it now!’.

History is being rewritten right before our eyes. The constitution. The flags. The churches. Public schools. Privacy rights. All of these things, and more, are being changed. These are things that the boomer generation were able to experience. They were taught different ideas and history than younger generations today are being taught. They know about farm life and simpler living through their grandparents and family that were the generations before them. Boomers and their parents have much more wisdom then the current generation, Generation X, Y, or Z… The wisdom of the current generation is naught. It has been instead replaced by knowledge that is not knowledge. And the boomer generation seems to be on the same bandwagon. Every generation alive on this earth today is completely influenced by the world. The wisdom of the older and boomer generations need be acquired before they are all gone. Just as there was a huge population increase within 10 years, so too will be a decrease.

People can no longer think clearly. Wake up, America! Wake up, World! It has come time that the wheat is separated from the chaff. We are to take all of the fruitful contributions from our beloved previous generations, and we are to rid negative aspects, not embrace them. You cannot change the world if you are part of the world. Where is the movement? Why isn’t truth defeating the lies? The decent, productive members of any society have a responsibility to protect the next generation. Our children truly are the future.

We all need HELP

What do you do in a world where the Devil is in the air & the world is consumed with lies & everyone is breathing in fairytales?

I cannot have true, human joy knowing that others are in pain. I cannot experience human happiness when the world around me is full of darkness. Having faith does not mean losing compassion, but quite the opposite. I am joyous spiritually because I have the secret. I know our Father. I do not cry for the world, but for the lost souls in it. I walk with light & love trying to make a difference. No one is paying attention, but I continue still. I will continue until I am no more. I know the Highway. It is still being built up. I walk around grasping constantly for the state of spiritual bliss, yet my flesh is in the world and it is an ugly one. And I AM HERE. I am stuck on this earth that God created, and man has destroyed. I cannot fake delusion, pretending what is is actually what is not. I can pray. I can pray really hard. But I SEE. I HEAR. There will not be a righteous one left. There will be no one to stand in the gap between what is truth and what is deceit. It is already happening and it is apparent. 

I shall not fear, but I do anyway. It’s hard to disguise emotion. I fear for the children that are learning all the deceit. Not only learning it, but being completely programmed by it. They are the future of the world should there be a future. I fear for my husband and the things he may encounter when I am not around. I fear for every single being that is out there, every breath of precious life that is being brought forth into a world that chooses lies over truth, and then instills it into all ears and all eyes.  I fear because the world is teaming with injustice and raising upright unrighteousness. The Lord IS my shepherd. I know that I shall not fear. Spiritually, I do not fear. I do not fear what man will do to me as a human being, I fear for what man is doing to everyone else. I fear for the people who do not know how to overcome, but rather give in. It is easier for them to be a part rather than apart. 

I am human. I am spirit, too. The flesh is weak, but the spirit is so willing. Meaning, my human emotions are in the human realm and in reality they are real. I feel them. My spirit fights to overcome my human emotions and stay connected to God, but I cannot stand to leave everyone else behind, stuck in their human shells with no spiritual way to disconnect and feel spiritual truth. I would love to change the world, but I do not know how, however; I refuse to let the world change me. I am minuscule. But I dream big. I pray big. I will continue to walk in God’s light and imminate the truth to whoever may see. But know  I am human, too. As humans we ARE complex. Do not let complexity hide simple truth. Dig, dig, dig for it. Stand up for the truth. Teach your children what is right, not what is socially acceptable. Teach your children God. Teach your children love. A world without either is a world without both, and that world is manifesting daily.